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Nielson Family Vacay | San Antonio + Austin, TX | Personal

So I don’t normally blog my personal stuff on this blog just because I do most of that on my lifestyle blog HERE & I post my everyday P365 project on Flickr HERE but I had so much fun taking photos while on vacation last week in Texas that I figured it’d be a shame not to share.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll find myself in one of these cities in the future shooting a wedding so this could be considered market research, right?  See? It’s work related.  (Hey, anyone in Austin or San Antonio need some wedding photography?  I’m your girl.)

So not only was it a blast to just hang out with my family, enjoy some sun & explore new places (and let’s be honest as you’ll see in the pictures, eat a ton of amazing food!), I had a ridiculously good time with the change of scenery, the change of light & the change of surroundings for photo-ops while on vacay.  It was so fun to stretch my creativity & try to capture the details in our adventures.

We spent the first three days in San Antonio exploring the Riverwalk, touring the Alamo & swimming each night in the hotel pool.  Then we drove an hour to Austin to eat our way through the city.  Holy crap, so much good food.  I think you could eat breakfast, lunch & dinner at a different place everyday & still not hit up each amazing spot in a year.  It’s crazy!  So. crazy. good.

We fell in love with Austin.  It actually reminded us a ton of Portland!  Only, I think the weather wins.  And San Antonio was pretty cool too.  It felt like we were in Mexico & it was so cool to experience the culture & history of the city.  And oh man, the Mexican food.  We had the best carnitas of our lives at a little hole in the wall called Taqueria Datapoint.  If you’re ever in San Antonio go there & try the carnitas.  Immediately.

So here are a few (ha!) of my favorite shots from our week in San Antonio & Austin.  Enjoy!

14.04.12-10614.04.12-114-214.04.13-10514.04.13-10214.04.14-13314.04.14-12314.04.15-16114.04.15-15614.04.15-15214.04.15-13914.04.15-13214.04.15-11414.04.15-11314.04.15-10914.04.15-107AMY_0322AMY_031314.04.16-10114.04.16-10414.04.16-11014.04.16-11714.04.17-10714.04.17-118-214.04.17-126-214.04.17-14514.04.17-15214.04.17-155-crop14.04.17-157-Recovered14.04.18-111Austin Wedding Photography14.04.18-119Austin Wedding Photography14.04.18-10914.04.18-12114.04.18-13214.04.18-12714.04.18-12814.04.18-13514.04.18-13614.04.18-13714.04.18-13814.04.18-14014.04.18-16214.04.19-lunch14.04.19-11114.04.12-115


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Rachel Carter Grimmer -

Up late with the baby and I went snooping around your blog. 🙂 Love these pics of your vacation!! How do you do it?? You make everything look fantastic!!

W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   b l o g