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Kevin + Karli | Silcox Hut | Mt. Hood, OR

I fell in love with Karli & Kevin pretty much instantly.  Their energy & love for life & for each other is completely contagious!  I was instantly drawn to them & to their story right at the initial email… the one where they mentioned their wedding would be at 7,000 feet at the top of Mount Hood in Silcox Hut, just above Timberline Lodge.  Uhh, yeah.  Enough said, I’m in.

And then we met for coffee & they told me how they met… the story is straight out of an adorable movie, you guys.  Karli was the cute Starbucks barista that Kevin, a fully uniformed cop (who doesn’t like a man in uniform?) would  find reasons to visit.   And while they were running a half marathon, Kevin proposed to Karli by writing out “Will you marry me?” using chalk on the course.  So it’s no surprise that their wedding was all kinds of amazing.

A ride in the snowcat up the mountain to Silcox Hut with 40 of their closest family & friends.  On & off blizzard-like conditions & a wedding party that wanted to be out in the snow anyway.  My fingers were literally turning purple while taking some of the outdoor shots but Karli?  Out there in her strapless dress with bare arms & shoulders didn’t complain once.  That girl is hardcore.

And lastly, a huge thank you to Kevin & Karli for choosing me to photograph the biggest, most epic day in their lives.  I had so much fun shooting this wedding.  I had a blast reliving it all through the images & putting this post together to tell the story of their day.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Kevin+Karli-111Kevin+Karli-113Kevin+Karli-155Kevin+Karli-115aKevin+Karli-124Kevin+Karli-125Kevin+Karli-125aKevin+Karli-126Kevin+Karli-127Kevin+Karli-151Kevin+Karli-151aKevin+Karli-154Kevin+Karli-152Kevin+Karli-153Kevin+Karli-155Kevin+Karli-156Kevin+Karli-177Kevin+Karli-178Kevin+Karli-179Kevin+Karli-179aKevin+Karli-180Kevin+Karli-185Kevin+Karli-189Kevin+Karli-192Kevin+Karli-205Kevin+Karli-209Kevin+Karli-210Kevin+Karli-215Kevin+Karli-232Kevin+Karli-236Kevin+Karli-238Kevin+Karli-238aKevin+Karli-238cKevin+Karli-238dKevin+Karli-238eKevin+Karli-239Kevin+Karli-240Kevin+Karli-240bKevin+Karli-241Kevin+Karli-242Kevin+Karli-243Kevin+Karli-260Kevin+Karli-266Kevin+Karli-271Kevin+Karli-272Kevin+Karli-276Kevin+Karli-286Kevin+Karli-287Kevin+Karli-288Kevin+Karli-289Kevin+Karli-426bridalparty-3Kevin+Karli-589Kevin+Karli-592Kevin+Karli-595Kevin+Karli-597Kevin+Karli-602Kevin+Karli-608Kevin+Karli-613Kevin+Karli-616Kevin+Karli-618Kevin+Karli-622Kevin+Karli-623Kevin+Karli-638Kevin+Karli-640Kevin+Karli-648Kevin+Karli-649Silcox HutKevin+Karli-658Kevin+Karli-660Kevin+Karli-663Kevin+Karli-666Kevin+Karli-672Kevin+Karli-681-2Kevin+Karli-683Kevin+Karli-739Kevin+Karli-745Kevin+Karli-771Kevin+Karli-786Kevin+Karli-787Kevin+Karli-802Kevin+Karli-803Kevin+Karli-804Kevin+Karli-805Kevin+Karli-863Kevin+Karli-867Kevin+Karli-870Kevin+Karli-875Kevin+Karli-912-2Kevin+Karli-913Kevin+Karli-929Kevin+Karli-951Kevin+Karli-966Kevin+Karli-999Kevin+Karli-999bKevin+Karli-1000Kevin+Karli-1010Kevin+Karli-1030Kevin+Karli-1036Kevin+Karli-1039Kevin+Karli-1056-2Kevin+Karli-1088Kevin+Karli-1192

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Leila Foley -

Absolutely beautiful ! Love love the dress and the couple very good looking .

W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   b l o g