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Lifestyle Newborn | Mylah Jae | Olympia, WA

Can I just say how much I love my job?  Eeesh, I probably sound like a broken record.  But just imagine meeting awesome people & then getting to share some of the biggest milestones in their lives with them?  It’s ridiculously amazing.  I got to know Will & Cayla last year when I photographed their wedding and I couldn’t have been more excited when Cayla told me she was pregnant just a few months later!  What was supposed to be a meeting to discuss ordering some prints from their wedding quickly turned into two or three hours of gushing about babies & mom-talk.  It was so fun to watch Cayla’s cute little belly grow & then in what seemed like a blink of an eye (to me, anyway… seriously, other people’s pregnancies go so fast!) she was here.  Mylah Jah was born a couple weeks early & instantly turned Will & Cayla from newlyweds into parents.  Just like that.

I couldn’t be happier that they chose me to be their Olympia lifestyle newborn photographer.  Lifestyle photography is definitely my favorite way to capture the amazing time that having a newborn in your home is.  And Mylah was just the sweetest little model.  She was awake for most of our session & totally rocked it.  She was alert & aware & would watch me intently as I did my thing.  When she wanted to sleep it was only in mom or dad’s arms &  when doing a lifestyle session, that is just fine.

You can just feel the love these two have for this baby girl when you’re around them.  She is pretty lucky to have such adoring parents & I was pretty lucky to get to capture it.  Thanks for letting me share a pretty giant part of your lives with you yet again guys.


Olympia Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerMylah-102Mylah-102aMylah-106Mylah-108Mylah-109Mylah-110Mylah-112Mylah-116Mylah-121Mylah-123Mylah-125Mylah-128Mylah-130Mylah-135Mylah-137Olympia Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerMylah-155-2Mylah-159-4

And just for fun, here’s a peek at all the little bits & pieces.  Little hands, little feet & little bellies just might be some of the best things ever invented.  Ever.

Olympia Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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