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Nikki + Andrew | Pike Place Market Engagement Session | Seattle, WA

I’ve lived in the Seattle area for approximately 85% of my life (I did real life mathematical statistics to get that number!) and would you believe this was my first session at Pike Place Market?  Actually, my first session downtown for that matter.  I have a feeling it’s far from the last.  Seattle makes such an amazing backdrop & if you’re lucky enough to be shooting on a rain-free night, there’s just no better place.  Nikki & Andrew are relatively new to the Seattle area & wanted to showcase the PNW in their shoot so it was a no-brainer to have a Pike Place Market engagement session.

We had so much fun making our way around the market, down to the waterfront & back up & down some of their favorite alley-way spots.  They had me cracking up the whole time & before we knew it we were shooting sunset shots.  Can’t wait to spend your wedding day with you guys!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our day in the city.  Enjoy.

Nikki-Andrew-blog-103Nikki-Andrew-blog-101Nikki-Andrew-blog-105Nikki-Andrew-blog-106Nikki-Andrew-blog-107Pike Place Market Engagement SessionNikki-Andrew-blog-109Nikki-Andrew-blog-110Nikki-Andrew-blog-112Nikki-Andrew-blog-113Nikki-Andrew-blog-114Nikki-Andrew-blog-115Nikki-Andrew-blog-116Nikki-Andrew-blog-117Nikki-Andrew-blog-119Nikki-Andrew-blog-120Nikki-Andrew-blog-122Nikki-Andrew-blog-123Nikki-Andrew-blog-125Pike Place Market Engagement Session - 2Nikki-Andrew-blog-127Nikki-Andrew-blog-128Nikki-Andrew-blog-129

Nikki+Andrew-185Nikki-Andrew-blog-130Nikki-Andrew-blog-131Nikki-Andrew-blog-132Nikki-Andrew-blog-132aNikki-Andrew-blog-132bNikki-Andrew-blog-133aNikki-Andrew-blog-133bNikki-Andrew-blog-134Nikki-Andrew-blog-135Nikki-Andrew-blog-140Pike Place Market Engagement Session - 3Pike Place Market Engagement Session - 4Nikki-Andrew-blog-143Nikki-Andrew-blog-144

Pike Place Market Engagement Session - 5Nikki-Andrew-blog-151Pike Place Market Engagement Session - 5Nikki-Andrew-blog-153

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Matt Copus -

They look great! Looking forward to their wedding.

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