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David + Emily | Bountiful Temple Wedding | Bountiful, UT

I’ve known Emily for a few years & have loved this girl from the beginning.  So when she told me they wanted me to come to Utah and photograph their Bountiful Temple Wedding I practically did backflips.  I love to travel for weddings.  I have a serious crush on the bright white Utah light… it’s kind of amazing.  I got to work in some time to visit my family & saw a lot of familiar faces at the wedding.  It was all pretty awesome.

Emily & David held their Bountiful Temple wedding Thursday morning.  They followed it by a luncheon & had a ring ceremony & reception on Friday.  Friday’s events will be posted in a separate post because there’s just so much to share!

Here are a few of my favorites from their day at the temple.  They were absolutely glowing & I loved being there to capture it.

Emily+David-D1-101Emily+David-D1-102Emily+David-D1-103Emily+David-D1-104-2Emily+David-D1-105Emily+David-D1-116Emily+David-D1-117Emily+David-D1-124Emily+David-D1-131Emily+David-D1-133Emily+David-D1-134Emily+David-D1-137Bountiful Temple Wedding 1Emily+David-D1-140Emily+David-D1-187Emily+David-D1-190Emily+David-D1-194Bountiful Temple Wedding 2Bountiful Temple Wedding 3Emily+David-D1-208Emily+David-D1-212Emily+David-D1-215Emily+David-D1-221-2Bountiful Temple Wedding 5Bountiful Temple Wedding 6Emily+David-D1-229-2Bountiful Temple Wedding 7Emily+David-D1-235Bountiful Temple Wedding 8Emily+David-D1-243Emily+David-D1-244Emily+David-D1-245Emily+David-D1-246

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Susan Richards -

What beautiful pictures Amy…..!

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