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Collin + Rachael | Bozarth Mansion Wedding | Spokane, WA

This summer, you guys.  So many amazing weddings & so little time.  The weddings have started to slow down a bit at this point which means my time now is mostly about editing & blogging.  And that means lots of sessions to post!  I am so excited to finally get some of these on the blog.  First up, Rachael + Collin.  I was super excited to shoot their Bozarth Mansion wedding in Spokane, WA.  I’m always up for a road trip & a summery wedding in Eastern Washington is totally up my alley.

Rachael & Collin were so fun to shoot.  Since I’m in Portland & they’re in Spokane we hadn’t met until the day of the wedding.  But we knew we were gonna all have a blast together right at the start.  And they were such naturals in front of the camera!  They were so comfortable with each other & had such amazing chemistry.  They made my job eeeeaaaasy.  Oh & this Bozarth Mansion wedding made my job pretty easy too.  This place is gorgeous.

I’m always up for an out of town wedding.  I love traveling & if you’re not in my hood?  Let’s figure something out to get me to you.

In the meantime, check out Rachael & Collin.  How adorable are they?

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