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Andrew + Nicole | North Bend Wedding | Cedar River Watershed

For our initial consult, Andrew, Nikki & I met up at my all-time favorite Thai food restaurant & ate family style while we discussed life plans, hobbies & of course, wedding details.  (The restaurant was Lemongrass for the record.  Do yourself a favor & go!)  It was one of those consults where you wish the big day was just here already because you know it’s gonna be amazing.  And once the day finally got here, it totally didn’t disappoint.  Andrew & Nikki are such fun, genuine, down to earth people who just wanted to bring their closest family & friends together in the gorgeous PNW outdoors & have a good time.  Done & done.  Their North Bend wedding at the Cedar River Watershed Education Center was so intimate & packed with love.

But as good as the party was, I have to say my favorite part of the day was when Andrew & Nikki decided to go down to Rattlesnake Lake & jump in to splash around & cool off.  They were like, “is that ok?”  Umm, let me think… YES.  These are some of my favorite photos of the summer.

Thanks Andrew & Nikki for being so freaking awesome & trusting me to capture the biggest day of your lives.  Enjoy!

Andrew+Nikki-1Andrew+Nikki-2Andrew+Nikki-3Andrew+Nikki-4Andrew+Nikki-5Andrew+Nikki-5bAndrew+Nikki-5cAndrew+Nikki-6Andrew+Nikki-104Andrew+Nikki-106Andrew+Nikki-111Andrew+Nikki-112Andrew+Nikki-128Andrew+Nikki-133Andrew+Nikki-152-2Andrew+Nikki-171Andrew+Nikki-193North Bend Wedding - 1Andrew+Nikki-202Andrew+Nikki-217Andrew+Nikki-234Andrew+Nikki-238Andrew+Nikki-241Andrew+Nikki-245Andrew+Nikki-282Andrew+Nikki-291Andrew+Nikki-292Andrew+Nikki-293Andrew+Nikki-307Andrew+Nikki-348North Bend Wedding - 2Andrew+Nikki-401Andrew+Nikki-406Andrew+Nikki-454Andrew+Nikki-464Andrew+Nikki-468Andrew+Nikki-477Andrew+Nikki-484Andrew+Nikki-520Andrew+Nikki-524Andrew+Nikki-549Andrew+Nikki-553North Bend Wedding - 3North Bend Wedding - 4Andrew+Nikki-567Andrew+Nikki-568Andrew+Nikki-581Andrew+Nikki-588Andrew+Nikki-592Andrew+Nikki-593North Bend Wedding - 5Andrew+Nikki-604Andrew+Nikki-606-2Andrew+Nikki-612Andrew+Nikki-616North Bend Wedding - 6North Bend Wedding - 7Andrew+Nikki-632Andrew+Nikki-632bAndrew+Nikki-633Andrew+Nikki-639Andrew+Nikki-670Andrew+Nikki-673Andrew+Nikki-675Nikki+Andrew-PB-104Nikki+Andrew-PB-120Nikki+Andrew-PB-133Nikki+Andrew-PB-146Andrew+Nikki-676Andrew+Nikki-677

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Angela Miller -

Brings tears of joy to my eyes! Sad we couldn’t make it out there, but these pictures make me feel as though we were there! Amazing photographs! Love you guys!

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