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Alicia + James | Downtown Portland Engagement

Did I ever mention my family & I moved to Portland Oregon?  Minor detail.  While I’m still traveling up to the Seattle/Olympia area, Portland is now our home.  So I’m super excited to post my first downtown Portland engagement session.  I had such a good time exploring the city with Alicia & James.  And I’m pretty sure they couldn’t be a cuter couple.  They were so much fun & totally trusted in me to find some cool places around the city & I have to say, I think we did alright.  I was on the hunt for some of the most photogenic spots & Portland did not disappoint.

We started off at one of the four Starbucks on the block (I’m pretty sure we literally counted four Starbucks within two blocks of walking) and just made our way up the street.  There was no shortage of random places to stop & shoot in front of (random Elk in the middle of the road?  ok!) and the time went by way too fast.  Before we knew it the sun was setting & we had to race off to the riverside to grab some city skyline shots.

All in all, a pretty sweet first downtown Portland engagement session.  I think I’m going to love this new city of mine.  And I couldn’t be more excited for Alicia & James’ wedding this Spring.  See you in a few, guys!  Can’t wait.

Alicia+James-002Alicia+James-003Alicia+James-107Alicia+James-118Downtown Portland Engagement 3Alicia+James-145Alicia+James-174Alicia+James-209Alicia+James-229Alicia+James-247Alicia+James-252Alicia+James-254Alicia+James-275Alicia+James-282Alicia+James-286Downtown Portland Engagement 4Alicia+James-324Alicia+James-347Alicia+James-359Alicia+James-360Alicia+James-384Downtown Portland Engagement 1Alicia+James-428Downtown Portland Engagement 2Alicia+James-449Alicia+James-473Alicia+James-496Alicia+James-551Alicia+James-564-2

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