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Teater Family | Fort Vancouver Family Session

One of the best parts about moving to a new city is the thrill of finding new spots around you for shoots.  And I have to say, I moved into a pretty freaking gorgeous area.  I am having a blast exploring!  And I also found out a Fort Vancouver family session does not disappoint.

I loved shooting this adorable family again.  And I think they liked it too?  I mean, it’s not every day your clients want to end the session by taking a picture with you!  Don’t worry, I included it at the end.  And I guess maybe it’s because they’re more than just clients, these guys are some pretty good friends.  Here’s a peek at a few of my favorites from our shoot.  Thanks for trusting me yet again to capture your cute family!

Teater-2014-103Teater-2014-110Teater-2014-115Teater-2014-124-2Teater-2014-130Teater-2014-140Teater-2014-152Fort Vancouver Family Session 1Teater-2014-173Teater-2014-174Fort Vancouver Family Session 2Teater-2014-181Fort Vancouver Family Session 3Teater-2014-189Teater-2014-220Teater-2014-226Teater-2014-226b1Fort Vancouver Family Session 4Teater-2014-227Teater-2014-228Fort Vancouver Family Session 5Teater-2014-238Teater-2014-246Location: Fort Vancouver, Vancouver, WA

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