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Bauman Family | Portland Family Photographer

I’m so excited to get my first official family session here in Portland in the books & on the blog!  Layce contacted me as soon as I announced we were moving to Portland to set up a session & I’m so glad she did.  She’s a photographer too & has been kind of amazing in introducing me to some of the best spots to shoot in the area.  When it came time to pick her family’s shoot location?  She obviously had some amazing ideas.  We decided on adventuring out to the Columbia River Gorge & found some amazing spots near Beacon Rock.

This session was so much fun.  I was right in my comfort zone with her two little boys (both just a few months younger than mine) & everywhere we turned we saw nothing but gorgeous scenery.  The gorge was on point.  I made the Baumans run around like crazy people because everywhere I looked I was overwhelmed by the beauty.  And this family.  So much love & so much fun together.

So now that I’ve shot my first session here in the new hood & am a legit Portland family photographer, I’m not sure how I’ll ever top this one.  Thanks so much for such an amazing introduction to my new state Layce!

Enjoy a few of my favorites.

Bauman-101.JPGBauman-106Bauman-107Bauman-120Bauman-122Bauman-128Bauman-136Bauman-140Portland Family Photographer 1Bauman-142Bauman-169Bauman-181Portland Family Photographer 2Bauman-198Bauman-206Bauman-215Portland Family Photographer 3Bauman-223Bauman-225Bauman-234-2Bauman-243Bauman-245-2Bauman-251Bauman-252Portland Family Photographer 4Bauman-273Bauman-283Bauman-288Bauman-289Bauman-295Portland Family Photographer 5Bauman-309-2Bauman-318-2Bauman-328Bauman-330

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