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Patrick + Katie | Holy Names Academy Wedding | Seattle

Every year around this time when the weddings slow down & the holidays pick up I like to lay low & recoup from a crazy summer.  Focus on my family, enjoy the holidays & on work on my business from behind the scenes.  I call it my “summer break” haha.  This year things on the ol’ blog & Facebook page have been especially quiet as I’ve used the last month or so to really settle into our new house here in Portland, OR!  We are loving life living in our new city.  And I’m loving spending my time scouring Pinterest for decor inspiration, painting rooms, shopping Goodwill & Craigslist for hidden treasures & planning every new piece that comes into our new home with the same creative eye I use in photography.  It’s been so fun.

But since wedding season is just around the corner I really want to try & catch up on some of the amazing weddings & sessions I’ve had that still need to make an appearance on the blog.  Starting with this gorgeous Holy Names Academy Wedding in Seattle, WA.  It was nothing short of perfection.  Katie & Patrick were just so, so happy.  I mean that’s seriously the first word that comes to mind in describing them.  Followed by adorable, classy, timeless, friendly & just generally the kind of people you naturally gravitate to.  It was a blast working with them & assisting Stacy Jacobsen Photography on their wedding day.  Here are a few of my favorite images from their day. Enjoy!

Katie+Pat-blog-101Katie+Pat-blog-101aKatie+Pat-blog-102-cKatie+Pat-blog-102cKatie+Pat-blog-102dKatie+Pat-blog-103Katie+Pat-blog-104Holy Names Academy Wedding 4Katie+Pat-blog-108Katie+Pat-blog-109Katie+Pat-blog-110Katie+Pat-blog-111Katie+Pat-blog-112Katie+Pat-blog-113Katie+Pat-blog-114aKatie+Pat-blog-117Katie+Pat-blog-119Katie+Pat-blog-120Katie+Pat-blog-122Holy Names Academy Wedding 3Katie+Pat-blog-124bKatie+Pat-blog-124dHoly Names Academy Wedding 1Holy Names Academy Wedding 2Katie+Pat-blog-129bKatie+Pat-blog-131Katie+Pat-blog-131bKatie+Pat-blog-138Katie+Pat-blog-141Katie+Pat-blog-142Katie+Pat-blog-143Katie+Pat-blog-146Katie+Pat-blog-147Katie+Pat-blog-149Holy Names Academy Wedding 5Holy Names Academy Wedding 6Katie+Pat-blog-153Katie+Pat-blog-154Katie+Pat-blog-155Katie+Pat-blog-159Katie+Pat-blog-162Katie+Pat-blog-163Katie+Pat-blog-164Katie+Pat-blog-165

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