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The Loft Chehalis, WA | Claire + Kyle

Claire & Kyle kicked off my 2015 wedding season with their gorgeous ceremony.  The Loft Chehalis is a brand new venue & I loved every minute of shooting here.  Such a cool, rustic, industrial space.

These two were absolutely adorable.  The type you completely fall in love with by the end of the night because they’re just so much fun & they couldn’t be happier.  Both teachers & locals to the area, the room was filled from wall to wall with family & friends who loved these guys to pieces.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Claire once all day without a giant smile on her face & Kyle could always be found grinning from ear to ear.  Their amazing sense of humor was even found in their ceremony when Claire quoted the great Rick Astley in her vows.

“Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you”

Pretty sure these win.  Here are a few favorites from my day.  Thanks for having me Claire + Kyle!

Claire+Kyle-004Claire+Kyle-005Claire+Kyle-006Claire+Kyle-007Claire+Kyle-100Claire+Kyle-102Claire+Kyle-103Claire+Kyle-104Claire+Kyle-105Claire+Kyle-228Claire+Kyle-229Loft Chehalis 1Loft Chehalis 2Loft Chehalis 3Claire+Kyle-313Loft Chehalis 4Loft Chehalis 5Loft Chehalis 6Claire+Kyle-435Claire+Kyle-489Claire+Kyle-502Claire+Kyle-525Claire+Kyle-531Claire+Kyle-532Claire+Kyle-533Claire+Kyle-537Claire+Kyle-552Claire+Kyle-570

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