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Vos Family | NE Portland Family Photographer

NE Portland Family Photographer

If I could shoot every session up the Columbia River Gorge I think I’d be a very, very happy girl.  And this session was one of those ones where all the things just came together to make magic.  How the heck has it taken me this long to get this session on the blog?  It’s definitely on my short list of all time favorites.  So I’ll just apologize in advance for the lengthy post.

I always get a little extra nervous when I shoot friends’ families.  And also when I shoot fellow photographers’ families.  What about when I shoot a photographer friend’s family?  Cue the crazy nerves.  But it was for nothing.  The light & colors in the Gorge were to die for.  The Vos family brought their a-game & we all had so much fun.  I mean how adorable is this family?  The only thing that could make them cuter is by throwing in the newest little addition, the little buddy in Ashley’s belly, Eames.  He’s adorable.  And now almost eight months old.  In the meantime, I’m flattered I got to capture them not too long before becoming a family of four.


vos-2015-108ne-portland-family-photographer-1vos-2015-110vos-2015-115vos-2015-118vos-2015-125vos-2015-129NE Portland Family Photographer 6vos-2015-134ne-portland-family-photographer-3vos-2015-151vos-2015-152vos-2015-153vos-2015-159NE Portland Family Photographer 4NE Portland Family Photographer 3vos-2015-192vos-2015-193NE Portland Family Photographer 2vos-2015-200vos-2015-205vos-2015-207vos-2015-211vos-2015-212vos-2015-226vos-2015-230

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