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Boucher Family | SE Portland Family Photographer

Hey look at me, I’m blogging!  I have so many great sessions from over the last year that I can’t wait to share.  I’m going to be doing my best to catch up in the next couple of months.  Our family moved to Portland in 2014 but my business seemed to mostly stay in Olympia.  So the last two years have been crazy with trying to re-establish myself here in our new city as a NE and SE Portland Family Photographer.  I love my clients up in Washington but I really look forward to focusing the next year on local PDX clients.

First up on the blog is the Boucher-Gilbert Family.  They wanted to do their shoot in their super cute Sellwood-Westmoreland neighborhood which is one of my favorite areas.  We shot in their home & then walked to the park.  The light was gorgeous & everyone had a blast.  I love these laid back sessions where I am able to capture the in-between moments as well as the cute formal shots.


gilbert-boucher-2016-105gilbert-boucher-2016-111gilbert-boucher-2016-126gilbert-boucher-2016-127gilbert-boucher-2016-135gilbert-boucher-2016-136gilbert-boucher-2016-138gilbert-boucher-2016-143SE Portland Family PhotographerSE Portland Family Photographer 3gilbert-boucher-2016-156gilbert-boucher-2016-158SE Portland Family Photographer 4gilbert-boucher-2016-177gilbert-boucher-2016-182gilbert-boucher-2016-186gilbert-boucher-2016-190gilbert-boucher-2016-198gilbert-boucher-2016-207gilbert-boucher-2016-211gilbert-boucher-2016-213gilbert-boucher-2016-216gilbert-boucher-2016-219

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